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Frederick Lowis

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Frederick Lowis

  • Urchin Wines 235 Northdown Road Margate, England, CT9 2PJ United Kingdom (map)

Bold, bright and confident would be an understatement when it comes to Frederick Lowis' artwork. Creating beautifully detailed paintings using car paint splattered onto canvases, Lowis creates intricate abstract images that look other worldly.

There is a sumptuous aesthetic pleasure the viewer gets from observing Lowis' canvases, enhanced by the rich highly pigmented colours.

Influence for the work is derived in part from great masters such as Dali and Rothko. "Surrealism is destructive, but it destroys only what it considers to be shackles limiting our vision." ― Salvador Dalí


Frederick Lowis:

Studied art foundation at Salisbury college, with a HND in graphic design, I went on to work as a self employed muralist and specialist painter form the age of 20, on anything from night clubs to stately homes painting a multitude of various art works, paint finishes, designs and commissions I have lost count of the places I have held a worked.

I had my first studio in Southwark London in 2013 which was a an old factory split into tiny windowless uninspired boxes where I started experimenting painting in as many different styles to try and find one that fitted me, I have a certain love for oil on canvas and the working process is an addiction which only gets better with time.

In 2014 I expanded to a much larger purpose built studio in Hampshire where I painted on commission mainly for interior designers and private homes. A friend of mine bought a shipping container full of industrial paint, I started experimenting with these on large board and had my first solo show at The Palm Gallery in Notting hill in June 2016, my second in November 2016 at Luminaire Art Gallery in Belgravia.

I currently have a studio in Shepard's bush and a contract with Art in Offices where I currently have six paintings on rent for a twelve month basis and sell my prints online. My art is soon to feature on the album cover for The Dirty Youth on marshal records label. I'm currently living and working in margate and London. Inspiration comes from the masters like Dali and Rothko"