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Mark Evans & Rebecca Strickson Exhibition - Thursday 29th June - Monday 24th July

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Mark Evans & Rebecca Strickson Exhibition - Thursday 29th June - Monday 24th July

  • Urchin Wines 235 Northdown Road Margate, England, CT9 2PJ United Kingdom (map)

July' exhibition is formed of two brilliantly talented artists. Stone mason & sculptor, Mark Evans and illustrator Rebecca Strickson.

Private view Thursday 29th June 6-8PM

Onward opening times

Friday 29th June - Monday 24th July

Wed-Sat 12-9

Sun-Mon 12-5

Tues Closed


Rebecca Strickson

We came across Rebecca's work recently, via instagram. Initially drawn to her work by a series of political illustrations, beautifully aesthetically designed, urging people to vote.

"Rebecca Strickson works an illustrator and do-er of things, based in Peckham. Working mostly in illustration, she combines an intricate hand-rendered aesthetic with an equally detailed choice of subject." Rebecca Strickson website

"This truly is an election when people woke up, it seems. The youth vote galvanised! An electorate that again, in keeping with the theme of the last 12 months that hasn’t played ball with anyone’s forecasts. It really feels like the rulebook has been drawn all over, ripped up, stamped on, burnt, picked up, burnt a bit more, stamped on again and then maybe chucked in a bin. Then sent to landfill. Twice.

As an illustrator, and especially when working in editorial, the job is adding nuanced visuals to someone else words. But this election I wanted to try my own words, and say what I thinking. Ive always been political, and unashamedly so. I think it’s probably telling when your Valentines gift from your partner is a visual history of the Miner’s strike. But I’ve not made work before now thats been really about ‘my’ politics. And this new super-charged people driven political landscape has really galvanised me to do so.

I will never demonise the older voter for what has happened in politics lately - long chats with my own mother about her fears as she reaches later life and all that will hold keep me balanced. Her fears and hopes in a Lincolnshire village are very different to mine, in a city. But fear - FEAR (for it always feels capitalised) has been such a dark and horrible presence in this campaign that has threatened to colour everything before it. The divisive politics practised for so long has to stop.

This feels like a whole new political landscape now and we are creating the politician’s dialogue. Jeremy Corbyn, regardless of how you feel about him, has fundamentally shifted the dusty Westminster institutions and created something new and interesting. There is a chink in the heavy velvet curtains through which people can see that something different may not only just be possible but palpable - politicians that listen, and act, and stick to their principles. And that those principles aren’t self serving. It sounds so simple and great because... it is.

We talk about ‘change’, and wanting it, on the left - and we’ve had it with Brexit and Trump. It just wasn’t the change ‘we’ wanted. Angry, disenfranchised voters who think that everything is the same and nothing they say matters - are finding it actually can, and does. But they’ve lacked an actual politician who gets it. Who really actually seems to understand that things don’t have to be this way; which is not to say things are perfect. There is huge amount of work to do. But this feels like a real start." Rebecca Strickson for The Huffington Post

Rebecca Strickson prints will be available to buy framed or unframed


Mark Evans

Mark Evans is Minnie's step-grand father. As a child, I remember running around the farmhouse called 'The Glopper", where Mark lived. I was always completely fascinated by the stone carvings and sculptures that were scattered around. Sometimes half created, sometimes finished. There was always something quite mystical, historical, tactile and story telling about Mark's stone pieces, I found them utterly charming. I particuarly remember a boat piece, like the image below.

"My sculptural work is concerned with subjects that have preoccupied me all my life. In part these are philosophical and relate to a search for meaning and completeness in paradox & opposites, and they also represent attempts in 3D form to find ways of expressing intimations of loss, time, memory, & imagined histories.

In a practical sense the work is informed by my training as a stone mason and architectural carver. It utilises the disciplines and geometry of the craft that has formed my life for many years; carving and incising stone is the art of manipulating light and shade upon a solid surface. The work is also coloured by travel, particularly on the Mediterranean coast and islands, and the South Western states of the US.

Literature is also important, I don’t make work to depict but to evoke, rather as poetry seeks not to describe but rather to resonate. The short story in its honed and polished completeness also plays a part.

The pieces often contrast highly finished surfaces with the broken edges of ruin; a form of ambiguity. Archaeology, artefact, patina, myth, implied narrative are also all informative. It seems both more poignant and increasingly urgent to create by eye and hand at a time of accelerating change. The work I make resembles, without being homiletic or proscriptive, a form of memento mori and evokes time, loss & passing.

I think of my work as something made with discipline, purpose and consideration, that together enable it to act as more than decoration." Mark Evan's website

Marks work will be available to buy direct from Urchin Wines shop