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Barti Ddu Seaweed Spiced Rum


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Barti Ddu Seaweed Spiced Rum


Barti Ddu Seaweed Spiced Rum


Barti Ddu Seaweed Spiced Rum from Pembrokeshire, UK

Here’s to you, John Roberts, Cymro born but bred at sea, who, caught in gold-lust winds chased old world tales and fantasies. Sweet music swirled around him as he swayed under the sun, bathed in silk and Spanish gems, five hundred ships he won.

“A merrier life and a short one” hid the hiraeth at his core as the unforgiving waves took his poor soul to heavenly shores. Some say pirates were too savage but these were savage times you see…

So here’s to you John Roberts, forever known as Barti Ddu.

Country/Region: Pembrokshire, UK
Spirit: Rum
Food pairing: 
ABV: 35% vol

Veg/Vegan: No/No

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