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'Go the F**k to Sleep' Hamper


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'Go the F**k to Sleep' Hamper

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Photo 16-03-2018, 12 33 57.jpg

'Go the F**k to Sleep' Hamper


The perfect gift for parents and new parents alike.

Survival package containing items that will help make childrearing that little bit easier, especially in those early days.

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When our son Vincent was born last year, Orson's sister gave us 'Go The F**K to Sleep' by Adam Mansbach. It's such a brilliant book and rings very true!

Luxuries such as chocolate and biscuits keep you going through feeds and those stare at the wall energy loss moments.

Beers and wine take the edge off those sleepless nights.

Pasta and a tasty sauce is just about all you can muster yourself up to make.


  • 2 75cl bottles of wine (1 red, 1 white)

'Sreaming Betty' Vermentino from Delinquente Wine Co, AUS, 10% vol

Vibrant, smooth, citrusy and floral. A very easy drinker!

'Force Majeure' Cinsault from Mother Rock Wines, SA, 11.5% vol

Dry farmed bush vines. No yeast added. Delicious red, needed to put some iron back into you!

(wine selection may vary depending on stock quantities but will be of equal value)

  • 'Go the F**K to Sleep' Book by Adam Mansbach
  • 1 x Truffle crisps *(or local kentish crisps)
  • 1 x Rococo chocolate bar
  • 2 craft IPA beers *(Beavertown, Mikkeller or Time & Tide)
  • Butterflies English Lemon Crisp Biscuits
  • Artisan tomato pasta sauce *(seggiano or geometry of pasta)
  • Artisan dried pasta *(penne or linguine)

*items will change depending on availability

Packaged up beautifully and presented in an "Urchin' stamped recycled cardboard hamper box, that can be used as a baby storage box!