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Lionel Faury, St Joseph, La Gloriette, 2015


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Lionel Faury, St Joseph, La Gloriette, 2015

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Lionel Faury, St Joseph, La Gloriette, 2015


Lionel Faury, St Joseph, La Gloriette, 2015

Glorious wine from La Gloriette....
Grown in the infamous region of St.Joseph, in the Northern Rhône region of France. Famous for its rich and intense wines that remain flavoursome for many many years, but also for its real difficulty in even growing grapes at all! The incredibly steep slopes make harvesting and farming the vines so difficult, but because of this they have amazing exposure to sunlight so the grapes ripen and to make beautiful wines.

Lionel took on the winery from his father and started to introduce their wines internationally, having previously only really made it for locals. Lionel and his father still work together, focusing on quality and are highly respected in the St Joseph region.

This wine can be drunk now or will develop in taste over the next 5 years so. Great present for someone special.

13% alc


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