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Pink Pound Rose by Patrick Sullivan, 2016

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Photo 21-01-2018, 12 00 39.jpg
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Pink Pound Rose by Patrick Sullivan, 2016


Pink Pound Rosé, Patrick Sullivan, Yarra Valley, Australia, 2016

Pinot Noir, Sauvignon Blanc, Gewurtztraminer.

Another winning blend from Pat Sullivan - Humming with tangeriney deliciousness, exotic, spicey and fresh with great acidity and lightness.

Brilliant tropical label designed by Eero Lampinen from Helinski - blue footed boobies surround a young blond man that has crisp pink tan lines. Get yourself down to Margate and go bathing in the Walpole bay tidal pool with a bottle of this!

13.5% vol


Quote from Sullivan via the Gourmet Traveller

As an 18-year -old, I moved to London with a good friend of mine, Xavier Goodridge,of Xavier Wine in Heathcote, Victoria. Xav worked in a wine bar called Hamptons just off Trafalgar square. Through this wine bar we made friends with a couple of gentlemen ,Count Roberto and Colin

"We would spend most nights drinking with these two and getting caught up in their extreme stories, which were so far away from the stories of our country Victorian childhoods. 

"I was back in London last year and ran into Colin at Halfway to Heaven (a bar named for its location halfway between Soho and Heaven nightclub). He said,"darlink ,when are you going to make me a wine?" So in that and through my love of rosé, I did. That's why it's called "The Pink Pound"- that and the term being a reference to the economic power of the gay community.

"While I was working on other projects I mentioned the new rosé to [illustrator] Kelly Thompson. She immediately lit up and said her friend Eero [Lampinen] had just completed a piece that was so very much perfect. I took one look and thought,' this will make the boys happy!'" 

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